Quote - Show Booking - Booking Confirmation Process & Policy
There is great disappointment when a client "believes" they have hired a service and that service provider is unaware of the clear expectations for providing the service. As a safeguard, to prevent such unfortunate incidents, ALL "BOOKINGS" will be documented clearly identifying all engagement details between Matrix Magic Shows
and the client.
a) All quotations for show pricing and details are ALWAYS provided to clients in writing.
    Quotations are based upon inquiries (verbal or written) and clearly itemize what is to
    be provided by MATRIX MAGIC SHOWS, and what is expected from the client. This
    shall include the; date, time, location, pricing, payment terms, other needs and
b) Once a quote letter is submitted to a client it MUST be signed and returned to
     MATRIX MAGIC SHOWS. Upon receipt, MATRIX MAGIC SHOWS will contact
     the client via e-mail to confirm the show as "BOOKED".
c) Once confirmed in writing as "BOOKED" by Matrix Magic Shows, the document will
    become a legal and binding "CONTRACT".

NOTE: A non-refundable deposit may be required within two weeks after a contract
            has been signed by both parties and confirmed as "BOOKED" by Matrix Magic
            Shows. If required, it will be specified in the "CONTRACT".

After the contract is "BOOKED", shows cancelled by the customer for any reason shall be charged 80% of the total price. Shows set-up on location but deemed unable to be performed due to inclement weather or cancellation by the client will be charged the full quoted price. For outdoor shows, a back-up location is highly encouraged.

In the event that Matrix Magic Shows is unable to perform any show due to illness, accident or other uncontrolled circumstances, "BOOKED" show/s may be re-scheduled by the client. The pricing would be at a 20% discount of the originally quoted price on an available date in the future. Any deposit paid by the client will be refunded.

All payments are to be paid in U.S. Funds by corporate check or cash. Returned corporate checks are subject to a $50.00 fee. Unless specified different in the contract, payments are required prior to the beginning of the show. Corporate checks are to be made payable to MATRIX MAGIC SHOWS. Personal checks are not accepted.

Pay Pal is accepted as a deposit or payment for a show. Please add 3%
($3.00 per $100.00) to payment total for this convenience. Payments sent
through Pay Pal go to MATRIXMAGICSHOWS@aol.com. Pay Pal payments
must post to our account a minimum of two (2) weeks prior to the show.

Tips are very common, greatly appreciated, but never expected.

Accommodations, travel time and mileage allowances from Harrison Township Michigan, Zip Code 48045 to the show location will be clearly identified on each quote. Any applicable lodging will be itemized or specified as "Client Provided".

Any illusion, effect or trick unable to be performed in a given location, for any reason, may be substituted at the discretion of Matrix Magic Shows.

The client agrees to provide suitable audience supervision (or security) based on the size of the audience. A show may be stopped at the discretion of MATRIX MAGIC SHOWS should the audience become "out of control" during the performance.

Process Revision: 5/5/2013
 Contract Terms & Conditions
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