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of Magicians
"Memorable Scrap Book Pictures"
"I'm thinking . . . MAGIC"
Bret as "Darth Vader"
Floating his lovely assistant Julie
Bret's first white dove . . . also his first car, in the backround.
"It's 7-UP"
A Teenage Bret at Abbott's Magic
Gum Anyone?
"IVORY SOAP . . . it really does float"
Linking Rings
Christmas 2001
Even the dog floats !!!!
Bret & Lance Burton in 2008
Bret with Larry Thompson a.k.a "Mr. Whoodini"
Bret, Bozo & Julie at CKLW TV
Bret at J. L. Hudsons
Bret with Siegfried in Vegas
Bret makes many of his own illusions including this "Zig Zag Lady Illusion"
1977 Promo Picture - "Dove & Cards"
1977 Promo Picture - "Pick A Card"
Bret & Las Vegas Show Girl Outside Bally's.
Vegas was "SUPER HOT" that day!
"Viva Las Vegas"
2008 - Bret in Las Vegas as "Elvis"
As Bret began magic at the age of 10, his father built a small wooden stage in the basement where Bret would sell tickets and entertain the neighborhood kids. And from here the magical journey began.

At age 12, while working at a Fenton restaurant, Bret began building a professional show. By age 13 he began professionally entertaining for churches, schools, scouts, businesses and television. From 1976 - 1989 Bret's "Gemini & Company Illusion Show" became a feature act for parties, night clubs, promotions, televison, businesses and conventions.

Matrix Magic Shows was established in 2008. Each year since that inception, business has doubled. As the result of over 140 returned customer satisfaction surveys, a 99.8% documented rating, up to 130 appearances per year and up to 9 consecutive year re-bookings, "Bretsky" has become one of the Magic world's "Top Notch" entertainers.

Our shows are not just magic shows . . . they are "Magic Productions".

The following is a collection of pictures from Bret's personal scrapbook for you to enjoy;
" B R E T S K Y " - Master of Magic & Illusion
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Memorable Pictures
Fox 2 News - Detroit, Mi
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Bret with Kris Draper (Detroit Red Wings)
Bret with Senator Candice Miller
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