The Incredible "Chair Suspension Illusion"
The following are what our scout audiences are writing about our Blue & Gold Banquet shows . . .

"Everyone loved the show. In my four years with pack 252, you, by far, have been the best entertainment we have had."
J. Kingsley - Scout Master - Pack 252 - Blue & Gold Banquet - Sterling Heights, MI.

"We really appreciated your show! The kids are still talking about it!"
"We liked the shrinking and growing head illusion."
C. Thompson - Scout Master / Cub Scout Pack 182 - Waterford, MI.

"Great job, everyone loved it. Thank you!"
D. Hendrian - Cub Scout Pack 110 - Farmington, MI.

"Great Show!" S. Garon - Cub Scout Pack 159 - Blue & Gold Banquet

The following are what our church audiences are writing about our shows . . .

"Standing Ovation"
Mary Joe - Saint Priscilla Parish Appreciation Dinner - Livonia, MI.

"Standing ovation!" "All tens from us!"
M. Langley - Woodside Church - Parish Anniversary Party - Flint, MI.

"You were fabulous."
J. Guilmette - Cork Rich Memorial - Fowlerville, MI.

"The show was just great! The kids loved it and it was just the right length to provide
entertainment but not distract from all the other reception activities."
Scott & Erin Shurin - Wedding Reception Show - Pontiac, Michigan

"Our family continues to rave about your show. Great performance for all ages."
E. Baker - Anniversary Party - Madison Heights, MI.
Our dinner shows entertain and mystify all ages at
wedding receptions, scout and church banquets.

The performance is a floor or stage show in which
children and adults will experience high quality magic
including; sleight of hand, audience participation, magic
performed to music,comedy, illusions, and extravagent
productions including six white birds and a bunny.

The audience participation segment of the show is geared
towards the age group of those in attendance.

This show requires a minimum 18' wide x 12' deep area.

The length of show generally ranges from 20 - 60 Minutes.
Banquet / Dinner Shows
" B R E T S K Y " - Master of Magic & Illusion
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Wedding Receptions
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