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In 1972 Bret Beaudry began his magical career in Fenton, Michigan.

Since that time, he has appeared on television, news casts, interviews, magazines, and newspaper articles.

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Soupy Sales Telethon / East Guard Armory Detroit

DMC Children's Hospital / 5 Years

Flint Journal Front Page / ... there really is Magic
MacRay Kid's Day / Entertainment 5 Consecutive Years
Soupy Sales Telethon / East Guard Armory Detroit
Bret Beaudry performed for the "Soupy Sales Telethon For Retarded" at the East Guard Armory. The above picture was taken during the televised performance. Bret met Scatman Crothers, Soupy Sales and the great comedy legend "Uncle Milty", Milton Berle.
DMC Children's Hospital / 14 Shows - 5 Years
Flint Journal Newspaper / Front Page Story
Bret Beaudry / "Gemini & Company Illusion Show" (stage name at the time) organized public stage shows at the Fenton Middle School. The shows consisted of over 12 volunteers and 20 sponsors, all directed by Beaudry to raise money for Flint's Genesee Valley Area Retarded Children's School (GVARC).

Funds raised from the event provided for the installationof a 4' x 8' lighted sign in front of the school. The sign was used to promote items made by the children which were for sale in their school store.

"Once in a life-time we come across a young man sensitive to the needs of handicapped people and with the ambition and the wherewithal to truly help those people, you are such a person."

Max Galenter - Executive Director
Genesee County Association for Retarded Citizens
" B R E T S K Y " - Master of Magic & Illusion
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Fox 2 News - Detroit, Mi
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